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Construction of Macomb Bypass Delayed

Macomb Bypass

The first two lanes of the bypass around Macomb were scheduled to open to motorists this fall. But completion of the project has been pushed back until next spring.

Mayor Mike Inman said the $35 million project was running behind after a wet spring. He said the Illinois Department of Transportation decided there probably won't be enough warm days left this fall to finish on time.

Inman said he was out on the bypass last week.

"My assessment is that the vast majority, 99.9% of the asphalt work is done," Inman said. "But there’s still some grading work to be done on the shoulder and then on Spring Lake Road a considerable amount of asphalt still needs to be laid there.”

Inman said asphalt cannot be laid if it's colder than 40 degrees outside. The six-mile Macomb bypass will run northwest of town connecting US 136 W. to US 67 N.

Inman said the plan is to resume construction after the winter is over and have the road drivable by spring.

Inman said the city still hopes additional money will be released from the state to pay for the other two-lanes of the bypass. The road is part of the Chicago to Kansas City corridor.

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.