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Wesley Village Trespassing Incident Turns into Bomb Scare

McDonough County Sheriff's Department
Jamie Toland, 42 of Macomb.

The Macomb Police Department called in the Illinois Secretary of State Bomb Squad for back up on Friday following a trespassing incident at a local retirement community. 

Police received a call just before 9 a.m. from Wesley Village, which is located at the corner of Candy Lane and Grant Street in Macomb. 

Credit TSPR's Emily Boyer
TSPR's Emily Boyer
Macomb Police Department worked with several other police agencies on Friday and they used Edison School as a central command center to coordinate their efforts.

Staff reported an individual in the lobby who had glassy eyes and was not responsive when approached by staff. The individual had previously been banned from the premises for making bomb threats.

Deputy Police Chief Dave Burnham said Jamie Toland, 42, of Macomb was charged with felony criminal disorderly conduct and misdemeanor.

Burnham said he was unsure when Toland was originally banned from Wesley Village. Burnham said Toland had applied for a job at the facility, but was not hired.      

Burnham said during a media briefing Friday afternoon that Toland had previously been arrested by Macomb police without providing additional details. He also said Toland had attempted to make pipe bombs in the past. 

Police responded to the trespassing call and found Toland in a nearby neighborhood. Burnham said Toland was easily apprehended in the 700 block of S. Candy Lane. During his capture, Toland dropped his backpack outside a home. 

Burnham said due to Toland's past threats and history, the department evacauted all homes within 300' of the backpack and called in the bomb squad. No devices were found in the bag. Burnham said police were in the process of searching Toland's residence at the time of the media briefing.

Credit TSPR's Emily Boyer
TSPR's Emily Boyer
Wesley Village is a senior retirement community located on the corner of Candy Lane and Grant St

Wesley Village was not evacuated and operated normally throughout the incident. Burnham said police reviewed security footage at Wesley Village and determined that Toland did not leave  anything behind after walking through the building. The bomb squad's dogs did complete a walk through as a precaution.

Toland is being held in the McDonough County Jail. His bond has not been set.

Macomb Police obtained a search warrent for Toland's residence and were in the process of going through the home late Friday afternoon. Burnham said depending what is found, more charges could be possible.

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.