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Annette Carper Appointed to Macomb City Council

TSPR's Emily Boyer
Annette Carper poses with Mayor Mike Inman

Annette Carper said she was a little surprised when Mayor Mike Inman asked her to apply for an open seat on the Macomb City Council.

Carper, who has lived in Macomb almost all her life, is the Executive Director of Lamoine Assisted Living, which is set to open up this fall in the former Lamoine Hotel.

Carper will represent the third ward, which includes much of the downtown and the northeast side of the city.  She told Tri States Public Radio that she is like any other citizen and shares their concerns.

“It’s all about economic development and what we can do to make Western better to attract more students, to make the city itself better,” Carper said.

Carper said she is also interested in infrastructure including the condition of the city’s streets and sidewalks.

Mayor Inman said he spoke with 16 people about filling the vacancy. Ultimately, he interviewed eight of them.  Inman noted those other applicants have been appointed to other city committees.

He said Carper was chosen because of she has served on the city’s planning commission and she has past experience working as the deputy director of the McDonough County Housing Authority.

“She understands a little about federal and state and local budget process, not as easy as some might suspect. Plus, she’s had an opportunity to get into the private sector [the Lamoine] and understand that as well and again that’s dealing with an underserved group, seniors there,” Inman said. “All in all, that made for a really good combination we thought and we are looking forward to having her on the city council.

Carper will replace Mellie Gilbert, who announced a month ago she wanted to step down from the city council. Gilbert was initially appointed to the council by the Mayor to finish the term of her late husband Lou.

Mellie Gilbert was then elected to another four year term that runs through April. Carper said she plans to run for election next spring.

Emily Boyer is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.