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Yes, You Can Still Register To Vote In Illinois

Flick: Joe Shlabotnik

You might have seen social media posts saying Tuesday was the voter registration deadline in Illinois.

But don’t worry: Illinois residents can sign up to vote through Election Day.

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Technically, the Tuesday deadline was for “regular registration.” But as Matt Dietrich – a spokesman for the Illinois State Board of Elections – explains, that just started the “grace period” registration.

“All grace period registration means is that you have to vote at the same time you register. And this year that went into effect on October 10,” he said.

So, if you go to the county clerk’s office to register, you will have to cast your ballot at the same time.

Residents can still fill out an online application to vote through October 21.

A voter registration push this week saw thousands of people sign up as deadlines in several other states passed.

Early voting locations are open across Illinois, and more than 29,000 people have already voted in person or by mail.

Polling place information and election coverage is available through Illinois Newsroom’s voter guide. And answers to common voting questions - such as “how do I vote early?” - are on the FAQ page.

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Mary is a reporter at NPR Illinois and graduated from the Public Affairs Reporting program atUISand received her BA in International Studies from American University. Previously Mary worked as a planning consultant and reported for the State Journal-Register where she covered city government.