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Legal Process Continues in Lawsuit against Macomb School District

Rich Egger

Two former students filed the civil lawsuit in federal court early this year, seeking $10 million. The women said when they were students at Macomb High School, a male student sexually assaulted and harassed them repeatedly on school grounds.

The names of the students involved in the case are not included in court files because they were juveniles at the time of the alleged attacks.

The women said they reported what happened to them but school administrators failed to take any action.

The accused attacker is the son of a math teacher at the high school. The lawsuit said the boy sexually abused one of the girls when they were both freshmen and attacked the other when he was a senior and she was a freshman.

School District Superintendent Patrick Twomey said the litigants and school district have met with a federal judge to try resolving the case.

“That particular settlement conference was unsuccessful. So we are still in the middle of taking depositions from employees, people connected with the lawsuit, people who have knowledge of the two students,” Twomey said.

Twomey said another settlement conference is possible though nothing is scheduled.

The lawsuit stated the McDonough County state’s attorney’s office filed juvenile criminal sexual abuse charges against the male student two years ago.  The suit said he served time in a juvenile detention facility and wrote a letter of apology.

Rich is TSPR's News Director.