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Central Lee Schools Schedule $12.9 Million Bond Vote for Sept. 10

The Central Lee School Board has voted to hold a $12.9 million bond referendum on September 10, 2019. This will be the school district's second attempt to gain public support for a proposal to fund a wide range of facility improvements.

“The Board’s intent and my intent is to improve the facilities for our students,” said Superintendent Andy Crozier. “To create a more conducive environment for learning and performance for students so we can create better adults for our community in the future.”

Crozier said the $12.9 million facility improvement plan covers the entire campus along Highway 2 near Donnellson.

Elementary School

  • Construct Secure Entrance
  • Transform Main Office into Early Childhood Center
  • Transform Early Childhood Classrooms into Extra Classrooms

Crozier said the extra classrooms are needed to account for a boost in enrollment.
“That’s positive for us to see some growth in the elementary school,” said Crozier. “This year, the kindergarten class was 100 students. We are expecting 90-plus as well. Those numbers are not going away or going down."

High School

  • Construct Secure Entrance
  • Expand Commons Area
  • Add New Classrooms for Vocal and Band Programs
  • Construct New Gymnasium with New Locker Rooms

Add Parking Spaces
2018 vs 2019

Crozier said there are several noticeable differences between the bond issue that failed in April 2018 and the bond issue proposed for September 2019.

Price Tag

  • 2018 Facility Improvement Plan - $13.3 million
  • 2019 Facility Improvement Plan - $12.9 million

Crozier said the school district made a conscious effort to scale back the scope of the project after the 2018 bond referendum failed. He said several items were removed and added to the annual list of projects the district funds with sales tax dollars set aside specifically for infrastructure projects. They include:

  • Renovate High School Weight Room
  • Renovate Agriculture Classrooms
  • Renovate Family & Consumer Science Room
  • Add a Turn Lane to Entrance/Exit Area

Property Tax Impact

Crozier said the failed 2018 bond issue would have required an increase in the property tax rate of more than $1.75 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. He said the 2019 bond issue will not require an increase in the property tax rate.

Crozier said that is because the overall property value of the Central Lee School District has increased significantly, primarily due to the completion of a new crude oil pipeline that runs through the district.

Crozier said the additional money the district is receiving thanks to the pipeline and the use of existing sales tax revenue as property tax relief would allow the district to hold the line on the property tax rate at $12.19 per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

The bond referendum will require 60% support to pass. It received 56.4% support in April 2018

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.