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Capitol Theater in Burlington Looking for "Superheroes" During Membership Campaign


Superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther have owned the big screen for the past decade. Supporters of the Capitol Theater in Burlington hope to capitalize on that success and find some superheroes of their own.

The theater has launched its “Captains of the Capitol Assemble” membership campaign. Supporters are asked to contribute at one of six levels. They will receive perks such as movie vouchers, live performance vouchers, or even season passes.

  • Hawkeye - $5/month (or $60/year)
  • Captain America - $10/month (or $120/year)
  • Iron Man - $20/month (or $240/year)
  • Dr. Strange - $35/month (or $420/year)
  • Thor - $50/month (or $600/year)
  • Captain Marvel - $100/month (or $1,200/year)

Executive Director Tammy McCoy said the Capitol Theater has faced some daunting financial challenges in recent years. She said it was able to overcome them through the generous support of the community.

Credit Capitol Theater of Burlington - Facebook

McCoy said at this point, though, the theater is only able to pay its bills and keep its mortgage current.

“We are not able to move up at all,” said McCoy. “We are able to keep the bills paid, but we are not able to pay staff. Everyone who is helping with the theater is volunteering to be here. We are still not able to get ahead, so we are hoping the membership program can help us do that.”

McCoy said her goal is to secure 150 members during the first year of the campaign.

The Capitol Theater first opened its doors in 1937 before closing in 1977. A local group formed in 2005 to raise money to re-open the theater in downtown Burlington, and was able to do so June 1, 2012.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.