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Tri States Public Radio and NPR News will provide you with updated stories from all of our local and national elections between now and November. The NPR News element below will be updated constantly, and will sometimes provide live coverage and audio from important events leading up to the November elections. You can find all of our local coverage after the jump.Election 2012 News From NPR

Plenty of Candidates but Few Contested Races in Des Moines & Lee Counties

This year marks the first in which school board and city government races in Iowa will appear on the same ballot, so there will be dozens of names for people to choose from in Des Moines and Lee Counties. But despite the increased number of races, there is not a lot of competition in the southeast corner of the state.


Burlington City Council (select 2)

  • Robert Critser
  • Bill Maupin
  • Christopher Reopke

*Incumbents Shane McCampbell and Antoinette Wilson are not seeking re-election*

Danville Mayor (select 1)

  • Jerry Strause (Inc.)

Danvile City Council (select 3)

  • Dustin Furnald (Inc.)
  • Joe Huff
  • Aaron Sperry
  • Duane Worthy (Inc.)

*Incumbent Leroy Lippert is not seeking re-election*

Donnellson City Council - Full Term (select 2)

  • Jennifer Estrada (Inc.)
  • Jan Fraise (Inc.)

Donnellson City Council - Fill a Vacancy (select 2)

  • Brian Moeller (Inc.)
  • Selissa Weber (Inc.)

Fort Madison Mayor (select 1)

  • Jason Eaves
  • Joseph Helmick
  • Rodney Hoskins II
  • Matt Mohrfeld

*Incumbent Brad Randolph is not seeking re-election*

Fort Madison City Council - Ward 1 (select 1)

  • Rebecca Bowker
  • Christopher Sorrentino

*Incumbent Chris Greenwald is not seeking re-election*

Fort Madison City Council - Ward 3 (select 1)

  • Tyler Miller

*Incumbent Matt Mohrfeld is running for Mayor*

Fort Madison City Council - Ward 5 (select 1)

  • Chad Cangas (Inc.)

Fort Madison City Council - At Large (select 1)

  • Jerry Hamelton
  • Kevin Rink (Inc.)

Franklin Mayor (select 1)

  • No Candidate

Franklin City Council (select 5)

  • Jerry Sanders (Inc.)

Houghton Mayor (select 1)

  • Gale Thompson

Houghton City Council (select 5)

  • Marty Bentler
  • Cheryl Brock
  • Jay Henrich
  • Kurt Lowenberg
  • Russell Schwartz
  • Andy Wilson (Inc.)

Keokuk Mayor (select 1)

  • Tom Richardson (Inc.)

Keokuk City Council - Ward 2 (select 1)

  • Linda Altheide

*Incumbent Mike Moore is not seeking re-election*

Keokuk City Council - Ward 4 (select 1)

  • Steve Andrews
  • Larry Mortimer (Inc.)

Keokuk City Council - Ward 6 (select 1)

  • Roger Bryant (Inc.)

Keokuk City Council - At Large (select 1)

  • Mike Greenslaugh
  • John Helenthal (Inc.)
  • Kathie Mahoney

Mediapolis Mayor (select 1)

  • Thomas Young

*Incumbent Gina Riherd is not seeking re-election*

Mediapolis City Council (select 2)

  • Randy Doyle (Inc.)
  • Tim Licko (Inc.)
  • Vollie Rifner

Middletown Mayor (select 1)

  • Eric Gerst (Inc.)

Middletown City Council (select 3)

  • Orrin Asmus (Inc.)
  • Robert Berndt
  • Jason Green
  • Earl Martin (Inc.)
  • Shannon Oetken

*Incumbent Don Kirkpatrick is not seeking re-election*

Montrose Mayor (select 1)

  • Ron Dinwiddie (Inc.)

Montrose City Council (select 2)

  • Jeff Junkins (Inc.)
  • Darcie Uhlmeyer (Inc.)

St. Paul Mayor (select 1)

  • Janice Neuweg (Inc.)

St. Paul City Council (select 5)

  • Rod Cox (Inc.)
  • John Dingman
  • Mark Hymes (Inc.)
  • Randy Neuweg (Inc.)
  • Stephanie Schinstock (Inc.)

West Burlington Mayor (select 1)

  • Hans Trousil (Inc.)

West Burlington City Council (select 3)

  • Kathleen Christy
  • Andy Crowner
  • Therese Lees (Inc.)

*Incumbents Rod Crowner & Rick Raleigh are not seeking re-election*

West Point Mayor (select 1)

  • Paul Walker (Inc.)

West Point City Council (select 5)

  • Joseph Loving (Inc.)
  • Brian Meierotto (Inc.)
  • William Stuekerjuergen (Inc.)
  • Dan Waters
  • Bruce Wellman (Inc.)

*Incumbent Shawn Bales is not seeking re-election*


Burlington School Board (select 4)

  • Bryan Bross (Inc.)
  • Angela Gordon
  • Deborah Hatteberg (Inc.)
  • Nancy Hoelzen
  • John Jay
  • Anika McVay
  • Joel Sieren
  • Keith Turrill

*Incumbents Heather Brueck and Marlis Robberts are not seeking re-election*

Central Lee School Board - District 1 (select 1)

  • Kimberlee Hasek

*Incumbent Brenda Mansheim is not seeking re-election*

Central Lee School Board - District 2 (select 1)

  • Bill Young (Inc.)

Central Lee School Board - District 3 (select 1)

  • Mark Hulsebus (Inc.)

Danville School Board (select 3)

  • Brian Bauer (Inc.)
  • Brady Eisenmann
  • Shaun Langan

*Incumbents Allan Luers & Jill Nealey are not seeking re-election*

Fort Madison School Board (select 4)

  • Lois DiPrima (Inc.)
  • Dianne Hope (Inc.)
  • Jared Hotop (Inc.)
  • Carol Ross (Inc.)
  • Candice Smrt
  • Joshua Wykert

Keokuk School Board (select 4)

  • Gary DeGala (Inc.)
  • Russ Derr (Inc.)
  • Laurie Mendenhall
  • Angela Profeta
  • Michelle Sage

*Incumbents Kim Wyatt and Janne Long are not seeking re-election*

Mediapolis School Board (select 4)

  • Toni Coates
  • Leiah Prall
  • Erin Schnedler

*Incumbents Brad Coates, Kim Benz, Miles Erickson, & Jenny McNeil are not seeking re-election*

West Burlington School Board (select 3)

  • Andrea Bowen
  • Michael Davis
  • Dan Hockett (Inc.)

*Incumbents Andy Crowner & Randy Fry are not seeking re-election*


SCC Board of Trustees - District 1 (select 1)

  • Joseph Johnson

*Incumbent Chris Prellwitz is not seeking re-election*

SCC Board of Trustees - District 4 (select 1)

  • Moudy Nabulsi (Inc.)

SCC Board of Trustees - District 5 (select 1)

  • Janet Fife-LaFrenz (Inc.)

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.