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Macomb, Amtrak Partner on Website

City of Macomb
What people will see when they visit the new Amtrak status monitor on Macomb's city website.

The city of Macomb has partnered with Amtrak on a special website to track the progress of the passenger trains that stop in the city. It’s similar to the status monitors available in Union Station in Chicago.

“We are proud to be an Amtrak community,” said Mayor Mike Inman. “[The city] will gladly continue to work with Amtrak on these initiatives to improve the service to Amtrak customers.”

The progress tracker is located on the city’s website. Four trains pass through Macomb each day traveling between Quincy and Chicago.

“Amtrak was good to work with on this project and we are glad we could be the first community served by Amtrak to introduce this,” said Macomb City Administrator Scott Coker.

The city said this is the second recent example of a partnership between it and Amtrak.

It said in a statement that two years ago, they worked together to make ADA-compliant improvements at the local train depot. The city said instead of using national contractors for a project like that, local contractors were used to save money and speed up the completion of the project.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.