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Macomb Census Response Rate Increasing

Rich Egger

Macomb city leaders continue urging residents to fill out their census forms. Community Development Coordinator John Bannon said he is encouraged by the recent response locally to the national head count.

“I would like to thank the citizens of Macomb. We’re up to about a 54.2% response rate for the community, which is fantastic,” he told the city council Monday night.

However, Bannon said compared to past counts, the response rate is down in almost every college town in the state -- including Macomb -- probably because students have been gone since mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will plan some significant events for when the students return to campus in the fall. I think we will be all right,” Bannon said.

“The census bureau extended it (the counting) to Halloween so I think there is a good chance to get those students counted.”

Bannon said the census bureau sent Macomb more supplies and materials to hand out at events.

Bannon emphasized residents can complete the census right now by phone or online, and he said paper copies are being mailed out.

“So whatever way people feel most comfortable with, if you would please respond to the census. We’ve been doing much better lately and I would love to continue the momentum.”

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Rich is TSPR's News Director.