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Lee County Health Directive about COVID-19; McDonough County Group Home Outbreak

Rich Egger

COVID-19 cases in Lee County are skyrocketing, prompting the county's Board of Health to issue a directive about mitigation efforts.The statement urges residents and visitors to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing, hygiene, and mask wearing.

“These are fundamental principles of public health for decreasing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus,” according to the directive. “During this pandemic (the) Lee County Board of Health asks each citizen of Lee County to immediately comply with these recommended directives to slow the transmission of this virus.”

As of Thursday afternoon (November 19, 2020), Lee County’s 14-day positivity rate was 21.6%.

“That’s just going in the wrong direction,” said Michele Ross, Administrator of the Lee County Health Department. “This is a very rapidly spreading virus and it’s community-wide (with) substantial community spread.”

She said although more than 900 people in the county have recovered from the virus, the county still has hundreds of active cases.

McDonough County Outbreak

The county’s health department reported an outbreak of COVID-19 at Mosaic Hail House in Bushnell. Nine confirmed positives cases were reported from the facility as of Thursday afternoon.

The department said it is working with Mosaic Hail House to ensure clients are tested for COVID-19, group activities are canceled, and disinfection efforts are increased.

Figures from Around the Region

Here is a breakdown of the total COVID-19 cases in each county since the pandemic began and the number of deaths attributed to the virus. The latest figures listed are from Wednesday, November 18 (the November 11 figures are in parentheses). The information comes from the states of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.

  • Adams County: 3,965 cases/39 deaths (3,135/33)
  • Brown County: 248/cases/3 deaths (199/0)
  • Cass County: 778 cases /13 deaths (645/12)
  • Clark County: 238 cases/2 deaths (192/2)
  • Des Moines County: 2,453 cases/15 deaths (2,143/13)
  • Fulton County: 1116 cases/7 deaths (907/6)
  • Hancock County: 819 cases/7 deaths (622/5)
  • Henderson County: 238/0 (192/0)
  • Knox County: 2,233 cases/42 deaths (1,877/34)
  • Lee County: 1,740 cases/14 deaths (1,458/14)
  • Lewis County: 380 cases/2 deaths (320/2)
  • Mason County: 537 cases/14 deaths (444/14)
  • McDonough County: 1,356 cases/28 deaths (1,140/25)
  • Schuyler County: 190 cases/1 death (139/1)
  • Scotland County: 149 cases/1 death (115/1)
  • Van Buren County: 305 cases/4 deaths (262/2)
  • Warren County: 875 cases/14 deaths (740/12)

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