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Des Moines County Nears End of Waiting List for COVID-19 Vaccine

People in Des Moines County who have been waiting for a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine might not have much of a wait left. Health Department Director Krista Poggemiller said they're closing in on the end of their waiting list for the vaccine after administering 1,000 doses per week.


"We are wrapping up Tier 1 of Phase 1b and so we have moved into childcare workers. The schools are done, first responders. We continue to encourage people that may be in that tier, that if they've not been vaccinated and want a vaccine to contact us."


Poggemiller said childcare workers are now able to make appointments to get the vaccine either through the county health department or participating pharmacies such as Hy-Vee.


There have been 7,890 vaccines given so far in Des Moines County. There will be another vaccination clinic at the Burlington Memorial Auditorium on Thursday, February 25, which Poggemiller said should include the last of the people who have been on the county waiting list for the vaccine.



David Hightower is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.