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Macomb Prepping to Demolish Dilapidated Properties

Rich Egger
This house on West Washington Street is one of the buildings slated for demolition.

Macomb is preparing to demolish 19 dilapidated homes. The sites are scattered throughout the city.

“Every property on that list is vacant and has been vacant for a significant amount of time,” said Community Development Coordinator John Bannon. “Vacant, dilapidated buildings are not beneficial for a neighborhood and there’s a lot of research backing that up.”

He said abandoned properties decrease neighborhood investment, property values, and the quality of life, while at the same time increasing crime.

The city council will be asked to approve the low bid of $92,940 for the demolition projects. The Illinois Housing Development Authority awarded the city a $200,000 grant to pay for the work, which is scheduled for early September. Bannon said property owners have until the time of demolition to make needed repairs.

In addition to the scheduled demolition projects, the money will pay for asbestos abatement and administrative costs (the Western Illinois Regional Council administered the grant for the city), and Bannon said there might be enough money to pay for demolishing two or three more structures.

Bannon said he also anticipated using some of the money to turn one of the blighted properties into a pocket park.

“One of the sites will be donated by the property owner. There is money to make that space an accessible park-like space instead of just an open green space,” Bannon said.

“The goal is to transform it from a detriment to the community – a blighted, abandoned house – to an asset for the community.”

He said it could include a picnic table, a bench, and an ADA accessible path.

He declined to say where the pocket park might be located because they’re still finalizing details.

The sites slated for demolition:

  • 326 West Adams St
  • 722 North Albert St
  • 431 West Calhoun St
  • 432 North Campbell St
  • 4 Canyon Dr
  • 821 East Carey Ave
  • 516 North Edward St
  • 405 West Grant St
  • 407 West Grant St
  • 1919 West Jackson St
  • 421 North Lafayette St
  • 615 North Lafayette St
  • 533 North McArthur St
  • 621 North Mechanic St
  • 1332 East Pierce St
  • 529 West Piper St
  • 829 West Piper St
  • 821 West Washington St
  • 320 East Wheeler St

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