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Lee and Des Moines County Election Results

Iowa held city and school elections on Tuesday. In southeast Iowa, voters chose a new mayor for Keokuk, returned the incumbent city council members to office in Burlington, and reelected Fort Madison's mayor.

Here are unofficial results from contested elections in Lee and Des Moines counties:


Burlington City Council

(choose three)

Jon Billups  1,480

Lynda Graham-Murray  1,070

Matthew Rinker 1,055

Antonio Bailey  707

Christopher Roepke  555

Terry Schnack  459

Mediapolis City Council

(choose three)

Chuck Massner  165

Troy Garrison  157

Miranda Pfeiff  106

Monte Hawley  71

Denise Deitrick  57

Fort Madison Mayor

Matt Mohrfeld  564

Rodney Hoskins II   135

Keokuk Mayor

Kathie Mahoney 648

Devon Dade  518

Carol Mardis 442

Keokuk City Council – Alderman At-Large

(choose one)

Daniel Winn 696

Teresay Murray  680

Carl Morgan  177

Keokuk City Council – Ward 1

Carissa Crenshaw  124

Richard West  77


Burlington School District

(choose three)

Scott Mason  1,404

Darven Kendell  1,149

Christi Burghoffer  766

Tammy Anderson  671

Jennifer Gibb  481

Jennifer Lachenberg  406

Reyna Cadena  336

Danville School District

(choose two)

Jason Samples  225

Jon Paul Van Buskirk  183

Sandy Dockendorff  142

Taylor Eisenmann  118

Fort Madison School District

(choose three)

Mio Santiago  779

Brad Menke  759

Paul Wilkerson  724

Brian Steffensmeier  619

Allena Garr  267

David Allen  156

Jadi Zioui  76

Keokuk School District

(choose three)

Bonnie Peevler  995

Lacy Ames  959

Clint Wray  876

Jeff Dahl  749

Sharon Seay  732

Hayley Handyside  638

Mediapolis School District

(choose three)

Mark Schmidgall  323

Richard Whitaker  237

John Witte  216

Peter Pfeiff  173


City of Burlington

Should the city continue its 1% local option sales tax?

Yes  1,733

No  219

West Burlington School District

Voters asked to approve a statement specifying the use of revenues the district will receive from the State of Iowa Secure an Advanced Vision for Education Fund.

Yes  157

No  35

Rich is TSPR's News Director.