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McDonough County Board stands in solidarity with Ukraine

Courthouse-August 2017.jpg
Rich Egger
The McDonough County courthouse

Democrat Dick Marcott asked fellow board members to approve a resolution in support of Ukrainians. In a written statement, Marcott said the Russian invasion of their nation looked like a carbon copy of the Nazi invasion of Poland that started World War II.

The resolution, which the board approved unanimously on a voice vote, reads: “We, the County Board of McDonough County, do hereby resolve to stand in solidarity with the freedom loving people of the Ukraine against the unprovoked invasion of a Sovereign Nation.”

Marcott’s statement said the county board generally should deal only with local affairs. But he said he found the Russian invasion to be so egregious and disturbing that it warranted “…stepping out of our little bubble.”

He added, “After all, we are more than just a small rural community. We are the heartland. We are America.”

Afterward, county resident Sue Marshall thanked the board for approving the resolution. She attended the meeting just to see whether the board would support it.

“I know a lot of times in rural towns people get very isolated and would rather look the other way,” she said. “I think it’s important for us all over the United States, not just in New York City or Los Angeles or big cities, to stand visibly.”

Marshall said she would like to see the Macomb City Council go on record with a similar resolution.

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