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Macomb city council debates pay raises

Rich Egger

Macomb will increase the pay for several elected positions in city government, though there was some pushback from the city council.

The biggest changes will be for the mayor and city clerk. Those positions, which are both up for election next year, will receive raises of 2.5% in May, when the new terms begin.

The pay will increase by that same amount for each year of the positions’ four-year terms.

The pay will also increase a bit – to $1,750 per year plus $35 per meeting - for city council members who are elected next year (first ward, third ward, fourth ward, and one alderman at large position) and in 2025 (second ward, fifth ward, and one alderman at large position).

At large alderman Dennis Moon argued against the changes. He said other than perhaps the clerk’s position, the current compensation is fair.

“I believe when we have an approximately $100,000 city administrator, I’m not sure we need a $50,000 mayor. I think we’re getting a little heavy on the administrative end of our salaries,” he said.

Moon was joined by Don Wynn and Tammie Leigh Brown-Edwards in voting against the pay increases.

But the changes passed when the other four city council members – Mike Wayland, John Vigezzi, Thomas Koch, and Ashley Katz - voted in favor of them.

As part of the resolution, the city treasurer’s pay will remain at $7,500 per year.

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Rich is TSPR's News Director.