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Galesburg bidding the Broadview goodbye; hotel to be demolished

The Broadview Inn & Suites in downtown Galesburg.
Jane Carlson
Tri States Public Radio
The Broadview Inn & Suites in downtown Galesburg will be demolished soon.

A storied hotel on Galesburg’s public square that has seen better days will soon be demolished.

The city council approved a $406,000 demolition bid for the Broadview Inn and Suites, 29 Public Square.

A hotel of some kind has been on the northwest quadrant of the square since the 1860s, dating back to the Union Hotel.

In more modern history, it’s been the Broadview, known for its attached restaurant with around-the-clock service.

But it closed in 2020 because of dozens of safety violations, and since then became a harbor for illegal activity, a further safety hazard, and an eyesore.

With some relief, Mayor Peter Schwartzman asked for the council to consider bids at this week’s council meeting.

“Probably the most awaited item is next. It’s a bid,” he said. “The demolition of 29 Public Square. Need I ask for a motion?”

The council approved the bid from Peoria-based Jimax Demolition Corporation to take down the hotel, floor by floor.

The company's bid was the lowest of 11 submitted for the project.

The Broadview Restaurant
Jane Carlson
Tri States Public Radio
The Broadview Restaurant on Galesburg's public square has seen better days.

The city reached this point after a lengthy process that included getting a court order granting authority to seek the bids.

Director of Community Development Steve Gugliotta said the next steps are to sign a contract with Jimax and issue a notice to proceed.

"The contractor has 30 days from that notice to start the work, and then they estimate 110 days to actually get it down,” Gugliotta said.

City officials said demolishing the hotel is the most efficient and economical way to foster redevelopment at an underutilized downtown lot.

The city is paying for the demolition out of property redevelopment and TIF funds.

Schwartzman said he envisions a new hotel or a civic center at the site.

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Jane Carlson is TSPR's regional reporter.