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Around the Tri States: Two suffer amputations from fireworks; storm cleanup continues

Jane Carlson
Tri States Public Radio

A weekly roundup of news from around the region.

Two suffer amputations from fireworks
Two Knox County residents were taken to OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria after being injured by fireworks.

Authorities responded to the 1100 block of Bridgeport Road near London Mills around 2 p.m. July 4 for a report of injuries sustained while lighting a mortar.

A 22-year-old from rural Maquon and a 21-year-old from Galesburg suffered hand and finger amputations, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities say an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Storm cleanup continues
The cleanup continues after the June 29 derecho that produced straight line winds of 80 to 100 miles per hour in parts of the region.

Macomb City Administrator Scott Coker said as the storm struck, he checked around city hall before heading to the building’s basement.

“As I was checking doors and things, I noticed a car pull up outside on the east side. It was a mother and child that was out driving, and they found someplace to shelter in place here with us,” Coker said.

He said it was dark in the basement, but they got by with light from cell phones and flashlights. City hall did not regain power until Saturday afternoon.

It wasn’t the only city facility affected by the storm.

“The water plant was down. It was a priority for Ameren. And the Spring Lake pumps were down also, and so those were running on generators,” he said.

Coker hoped most of the storm debris will be cleaned up within the next week.

Residents are allowed to pile branches and limbs next to the curb (but not in the street). City crews are collecting the debris, which does not need to be bundled.

Residents can also take branches and limbs to the city’s yard waste site.

Burlington shooting arrest
A Burlington man was arrested after a shooting Wednesday afternoon near Louisa and Remey streets.

Treyvin Jarrell. 23, is charged with reckless discharge of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a felon, and aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon.

Police say Jarrell began shooting at a man who was legally carrying a firearm. The other man shot back. No one was injured but there was damage to a nearby home, garage, and vehicle.

The other man has not been charged with a crime.

Macomb to make an emergency sidewalk repair
Macomb city council members this week approved an emergency sidewalk repair in the downtown area after someone fell on the walkway during the annual Heritage Days event.

City Administrator Scott Coker said the work will be done on the west side of Lafayette Street, from Washington Street south to the alley.

“If you’ve walked through there, it’s a rather uneven area. It goes back to when the building was used as more of a dairy, so there’s actually a driveway there,” he said.

The repair will cost $54,000. Council members were concerned about that amount, but noted the work needs to be done quickly. Just one company –Laverdiere Construction -- submitted a bid.

The city will pay for the project with infrastructure sales tax revenue.

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