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Galesburg council approves flying pro-life flag

Pam Marolla
courtesy photo

A pro-life flag is flying at Galesburg city hall for Respect Life month.

The city council passed a resolution and approved the flag-flying request on a 5-2 vote, with Dwight White and Sarah Davis voting no.

Knox County Right to Life requested the ordinance, as did others in the community, including Brent Zhorne.

He said he does not represent Knox County Right to Life or any other organization.

“I represent myself and by extension I represent all of the people in the community who feel that life is sacred, that it is something precious, and we need to protect it, especially the lives of people who are most vulnerable in our community,” Zhorne said.

Others questioned if the resolution supporting life was expansive enough.

Ward Five resident Darla Krecji said the resolution – which referenced approaching vulnerable mothers with friendship and compassion -- needed to go further.

“If you truly represent and respect all life, then you have to think about everyone, including your gay neighbor, your transgender teenager, the drag queens, the drug addicts, the poor, Muslims, the death row inmates,” Krecji said. “Everyone should be on that list, not just vulnerable mothers and their unborn children.”

Davis said she was opposed to the flag flying and the resolution because Respect Life month is not a recognized secular event.

“It’s actually coming from the Catholic church, so that directly associates it with religion,” she said.

In June, a majority of the council initially did not want pride flags to fly during Pride Month, saying the city needed a flag ordinance first.

After public feedback, the flying of pride flags was approved on a 6-1 vote, with Evan Miller voting against.

Council members are again urging the city to get a flag ordinance on the books.

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