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Keokuk sticking with a five-day school week – at least for now

Will Buss

Keokuk Board of Education members considered switching to a four-day schedule for next school year.

But they decided to continue with classes five days a week while they gather more information about four-day school weeks.

“There's some concerns about daycare, and we don't have a really strong understanding on what those limitations are,” said Superintendent Kathy Dinger.

“And then food insecurity, just gathering some information there on how we might support students on a four-day school week.”

Dinger said school districts that have made the change are reporting it helped them save money, attract teachers, and retain students.

“There was a lot of data out there that talks about the ability to recruit and retain high-quality teachers, the positive impact on students and families’ mental health, things of that nature,” she said.

Dinger said the board could consider the idea again in the future.

The district surveyed parents and employees about their preferences, and the most popular option proved to be a four-day school week.

“I think the board unanimously agrees that there is interest and value in it, but there are some questions we need to answer for our school community,” the superintendent said.

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