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Art exhibit focuses on appreciating and preserving nature

An example of Fred Jones' work.
courtesy photo
An example of Fred Jones' work.

Long-time artist Fred Jones of Macomb wants to preserve the earth for future generations.

His latest exhibit, Saving the Planet, features a collection of art reproductions, essays, quotations, and statements by himself and others on that theme.

“I don’t know how many years I’ve got left, but I have dedicated this show to people who really do want different insights into ways that we can appreciate nature,” Jones said.

“I feel that it is a critical time in our history where we do have to rethink the kind of things that we’ve been doing for the last 500-600 years.”

He hopes the exhibit inspires people to think about what they saw and to act.

“They can talk about what they liked and what they disliked. Obviously, it’s not perfect,” Jones said.

“But it’s a way that people can come together on a very important theme.”

The works can be seen in the Western Illinois University Art Gallery through March 29.

Jones joined the Western Illinois University art faculty in 1968 as an instructor in Art Education, Design, and Drawing after teaching for two years at Chester College of Art in England.

Jones is the recipient of five Faculty Excellence Awards, four Summer Stipend Research Awards, and the Distinguished Faculty Lecture award.

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