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The Challenges of Covering Politicians

Sep 4, 2012

The panelists discuss Congressional Correspondent Andrea Seabrook's recent decision to leave NPR.  She talked about her frustrations with the job in a recent edition of On The Media.

One reason Seabrook cited for leaving NPR was the challenge of covering politicians who lie to her face every day. The Shop Talk panelists agree spin doctors outnumber reporters by a wide margin, which makes it more difficult for reporters to learn the truth.

There is also a pack mentality in the mainstream media. The panelists feel such thinking harms journalism. News organizations should focus on developing their own good stories and worry less about what others are reporting.

Seabrook is has started a blog and podcast site DecodeDC, which she hopes will give her the opportunity to dig for deeper truths in Washington DC. Her first podcast, "House of (mis)Representatives," is almost complete.