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Chris Reed : Public Safety Priority

Sep 25, 2013

Alderman Christopher Reed says he ran for a seat on the Burlington City Council, four years ago, to serve the community.

Burlington City Council Member Chris Reed

He says today, he is running for a second term to address unfinished business.

“We have a lot of unsolved issues that are going on right now," says Reed.  "Once I start something, I want to see it all the way through”

Reed says the biggest challenge facing Burlington is the city budget, especially with recent shortfalls discovered.

“I want people to feel that they are safe and secure in Burlington, not just public safety wise but also financially.”

He says the city council must significantly cut spending over the next four-to-six years to reverse Burlington’s struggling finances.

He says that should not include core services like infrastructure and public safety.

"I will never touch public safety," says Reed.  "I believe we need to maintain or increase our police and fire (departments.)"

Reed says potential areas to cut are the public library and a city-owned golf course, due to them not being core services.

He says if re-elected, he would work to strengthen the city's nuisance codes.

The October 8 primary will narrow the field of eleven candidates to six for three open city council seats.