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Macomb Lawn Ordinance Back In Effect

Aug 10, 2015

Macomb residents will once again have to keep a close eye on the height of their lawns.  That's because the city is once again enforcing its law regarding grass height.

The law of the land, at least since 2006, has been that property owners must keep their lawns trimmed to no more than 6" at all times.  Those who did not comply with the ordinance would have to pay for a private company to come and mow their grass.

Mayor Mike Inman said the unusually wet summer led the city to suspend the lawn height rule in mid-July.

Mayor Mike Inman says the suspension has been lifted due to recent dry conditions.
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“It made it unreasonable for folks to get out and try to take care of their yards," said Inman.  "We understand and appreciate that, so we wanted to make sure that we gave everybody an opportunity to factor in the weather conditions,” Inman said.

Inman admitted the city even struggled to obey the lawn ordinance during the periods of heavy rain this spring and summer.

He said the ordinance is back in effect because of the recent stretch of dry weather. The city does not plan to permanently change the ordinance, though Inman leaves open the possibility of more suspensions if conditions warrant.

He made a point that the suspension was unrelated to a physical altercation that occurred about a week prior between city workers and an 82-year-old woman regarding the length of her lawn.