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Tom Marion


Tom Marion is completing his final months as mayor of Keokuk after choosing not to seek a fifth term in office. He said while he enjoys leading his hometown, he knew the time was right to step aside.

Joyce Glasscock

Keokuk has a temporary solution for addressing an eyesore in the downtown district. It will place a large mural in front of what remains of the former Redemption Center, which was destroyed by fire in May.

Keokuk Mayor Tom Marion sees 2014 as a year of progress.

The race for the mayor’s office in Keokuk features a pair of candidates who say they have what it takes to lead the city for the next two years.

Questions have surfaced about the number of employees in the Keokuk Police Department, but no answers were available during the city council's most recent meeting.

A recent vote by the Lee County Board of Supervisors has turned out to be anything but routine.

It appears Keokuk is getting a good deal on a multi-million dollar street project.

Keokuk’s mayor says it makes financial sense to repair the city’s wastewater treatment plant, compared to replacing the facility.

One southeast Iowa mayor knows how Iowa can spend some of its “extra” money.

Keokuk’s mayor says the time has come for his city to implement a utility tax.

Keokuk’s mayor delivered his 3rd “State of the City” address during this week’s Recognition, Appreciation, and Participation Breakfast.

Job creation and finances were prominent topics during the nearly 30-minute speech.

Mayor Tom Marion decided to get the bad news out of the way early in his speech to about 75 people at the Keokuk Country Club.

He started off by looking at the city’s revenue situation, breaking down how much money comes in through property taxes, TIF districts and state and federal aid.