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Carter Seeks IA Supreme Court Review


Former Lee County Maintenance Director Rick Carter wants the Iowa Supreme Court to weigh in on his wrongful termination lawsuit.

He filed his formal request several weeks after District Court Judge Mary Anne Brown set aside a verdict in his favor.

A jury awarded Carter nearly $200,000 in early February after he said the county fired him for being a whistle-blower.

Brown responded by setting aside the verdict.  She said her ruling was based on Carter failing to prove his case.

In fact, Brown said the case should not have even gone to the jury.

If the Iowa Supreme Court takes the case, it could either sustain Brown's ruling, reinstate the jury verdict or order a a new trial.


Certain information in a sex abuse lawsuit involving the Keokuk School District will NOT be made public.

The list of confidential information will include medical records, student educational records and Gina Sisk’s employment files.

Sisk is being sued by a former student, identified only as Jane Doe II, for sexual abuse while Sisk was a teacher and coach in the Keokuk School District.

The school district and former KHS Principal Michelle Lukavsky are also defendants for their roles in addressing the alleged abuse.

District Court Judge Michael Schilling has signed off on the mutually-agreed upon protective order.

The document also so establishes who can access the confidential information including the court, lawyers and experts or consultants.

The information can be used during the trial, if needed, but only as agreed upon by all parties.

This order does not appear to have anything to do with the two protective orders being sought by the Keokuk Police Department.

The department is being asked to release investigation reports related to Sisk or Doe that were requested by lawyers for both sides.

Judge Schilling will consider those requests on Monday, August 12th.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.