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Don Hunold: Somebody New, Somebody Different

Jason Parrott
Tri States Public Radio

Don Hunold said he would bring common sense and a fresh perspective to the Lee County Board of Supervisors.

Hunold is a lifelong county resident who recently retired after 38 years with DuPont.

He said he has always enjoyed government and politics but was busy with work.  He decided to run now that he's retired.

Hunold said he would bring business knowledge, agricultural experience and common sense to the board.

"Common sense goes a long ways and nothing against the people in office right now, I praise them for what they have done, but it is a chance for me to step in and see things a little different."

Hunold said three things are challenging the county right now: the issue of North Lee County vs. South Lee County, the proposed mega-site near Wever, and the future of Keokuk Area Hospital.

He said when it comes to the north vs. south issue, he believes there is one Lee County.

He also believes the committee exploring the idea of one county seat vs. two will get all the facts and will do a good job.

Hunold said there needs to be transparency, though, about how the evental report is used.

"Money is always an issue.  Taxpayers are taxpayers and we should not take any more (money) than we need to take.  Now if it is the right thing to do (to reorganize), then that is what we need to do, but we need to make sure the taxpayers understand why that decision was made and how it was made."

Hunold said he would need more information on the mega-site and the contribution to Keokuk Area Hospital before taking a stand on the action of the Lee County Board of Supervisors this year.

"I am sure there is a lot of information that people like myself do not know (about either issue).  Without that (information) in front of me, it is very hard to say what my opinion would be."

He said he feels a little nervous about when or if Fort Madison Community Hospital will come looking for money from the county, especially with the past precedent of donating to Keokuk Area Hospital.

Hunold said the county board needs to keep a close eye on economic development and roads, which he said would be an issue he would like to get involved in right away.

Hunold is challenging fellow Democrat Ernie Schiller in the primary for the District 3 seat on the Lee County Board of Supervisors.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.