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Fire Department Says Safety First For The Holiday Weekend

Jul 1, 2014

Fireworks are a Independence Day staple, however the Macomb Fire Department reminds residents that it is important to take caution while enjoying the holiday weekend.

Credit www.allsparkfireworks.com

Many safety hazards rise from the use of fireworks, but the most common stems from unsupervised children. Macomb Fire Chief Andy Taylor says the flames of sparklers and fireworks are very hot, often much hotter than people realize. They can burn up to 1800 degrees, so he recommends keeping a distance.

"Make sure that you're supervising, and that kids aren't playing with lighters, getting too near fireworks. If a firework isn't going off, make sure kids aren't approaching it to see what's going on, because it could still be live."

He also says it may be beneficial to keep a bucket of water nearby, in case something ignites.