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Galesburg School Superintendent Retiring

Sep 11, 2014

Galesburg Community Unit School District #205 will be looking for a new superintendent.

Bart Arthur said will retire in June, 2015, after a 31-year career in education.  He’s been Galesburg’s superintendent for the past two-and-a-half years.

Galesburg School Superintendent Bart Arthur (right) after giving a long overdue diploma to Alva Earley this summer.
Credit Evan Temchin/Knox College

Arthur said while last month’s teachers’ strike was a factor, he had made the decision to retire before the strike, citing health issues.

“Last year I had a stroke, and my wife and I have decided that it’s probably time to retire,” Arthur says.

He added that by making the decision now, the school board will have an advantage in picking his replacement.

“Having a little extra time to get somebody hired, it’d be a good thing, because the pool would be much larger if they could advertise in the fall, rather than the spring.”

Arthur said discussions on the process to pick a successor have not started.