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Shop Talk - June 19


The panelists talk about the New Orleans Times-Picayune's recent decision to cut back to just three print editions per week.  The 175-year old newspaper also handed out pink slips to numerous employees last week.

Panelist Lisa Kernek believes there is a move in the industry toward creating a hybrid between an on-line newspaper and one that's in print. She is saddened by the news out of New Orleans, though she thinks print will not go away.

Panelist Mike Murray said change -- in this case the change from print to on-line -- is difficult and the loss of a newspaper can be especially hard for a community.  He also believes it would be sad to see print newspapers disappear.

Panelist Rich Egger questioned if it makes a difference whether a newspaper is in print or on-line. In fact, stories can be updated more frequently on-line. But he acknowledged there is something to be said for freezing a moment in time and providing that “first rough draft of history.”


Rich is TSPR's News Director.