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Iowa DNR

Three men face criminal charges for allegedly torturing an opossum while it was still alive. The attack was recorded and the video was posted online.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

Lee County is taking legal action to try to stop the polluting of Chatfield Lake.  County Attorney Mike Short filed a lawsuit Friday morning against Richard and Wilma Moore of Keokuk. The Moores own three homes along Lake Road in the unincorporated town of Mooar.

Jason Parrott / TSPR

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said equipment failures at Roquette America's plant in Keokuk on Monday resulted in about 4,000 gallons of industrial wastewater entering the Mississippi River.

Keokuk says the location of a sewer leak slowed repairs, allowing more pollution into nearby waterways.

Board to Explore Fertilizer Plant Request

Dec 19, 2013

The Lee County Board of Supervisors will take a closer look at the latest request from Iowa Fertilizer Company.

IL & IA Face Deer Virus Outbreak for 2nd Year

Nov 21, 2013

A virus that is deadly to deer is being seen in Illinois and Iowa for the second year in a row.

SE IA Still Recovering from 2012 Drought

Nov 1, 2013
Iowa DNR

Most of Iowa, including the southeast part of the state, is still recovering from the effects of last year’s drought.

Year Looking Up for Pheasants in Iowa

Mar 12, 2013

Despite large amounts of snow recently, Iowa is on track to get an average amount of snow this winter. A pheasant biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said that could make it a good year for pheasants.

IA DNR Seeks Public Input on Hunting Rules

Feb 28, 2013

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will hold meeting across the state to allow the public to help shape new hunting and trapping regulations for this fall.

In the past, the DNR held meetings after new rules were announced to gauge public opinion.

Charges Filed in Fatal Boat Crash

Dec 8, 2012

Two Burlington men face multiple felonies in connection with a deadly boat crash on the Mississippi River in May.

Lee County Considers Master Matrix

Dec 8, 2012

Lee County could gain more control over certain agriculture operations.

The victims of a boat collision early Saturday morning near Burlington have been identified.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the bodies of Matthew House, 21, Jacob Boyd, 22, Caitlyn Atchley, 20, and Blake Eakins, 21 were found Sunday morning.  They were all from Burlington.

The agency says the collision occurred in the O’Donnell Slough area of the Mississippi River.

Croton and Mooar/Powdertown are a couple of Lee County’s small unincorporated communities.  Mooar/Powdertown is located just north of Keokuk, along Highway 61 while Croton sits just a few miles south of Farmington near the Avenue of the Saints.

Neither community has a sanitary sewer system, which prompted them to start working with Mount Pleasant-based RUSS (Regional Utility Service Systems) in 2010.