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Lee County Health Department

Rich Egger

COVID-19 cases in Lee County are skyrocketing, prompting the county's Board of Health to issue a directive about mitigation efforts.

Lee County has reported another death related to COVID-19. The county now has at least six deaths related to the virus.


The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has more than tripled during the past three weeks in both Lee and Des Moines counties.

The Lee County Board of Health made public, Monday afternoon, the results of an air quality test conducted April 24 at the health department’s former location (2218 Ave. H) in Fort Madison.

New Home for Lee County Health Department

Jun 14, 2017
Iowa DOC

The Lee County Board of Health signed a three-year lease with the Iowa Department of Corrections for use of a portion of the former Iowa State Penitentiary in downtown Fort Madison.

Lee County "Swaps" Prosecutors

May 10, 2017
Jason Parrott / TSPR

The two highest-ranking members of the Lee County Attorney's office officially traded jobs this week, making Clinton Boddicker the county's third lead prosecutor in 2017.

Election Results - May 2, 2017 - Lee County, Iowa

May 3, 2017

Lee County residents decided during Tuesday's special election that they want a new county attorney, but do not want to pay for a new home for the county health department.

Election Preview: Health Dept. Bond Referendum

May 1, 2017

Tuesday's special election in Lee County includes a $2.6 million bond referendum to construct a new building for the county health department. The agency believes the building is needed because it has simply outgrown its current location.

Health Department Relocated; Reason Not Made Public

Apr 20, 2017
Jason Parrott / TSPR

The Lee County Health Department has vacated its building at 2218 Avenue H in Fort Madison. It's unclear how long the department will be displaced and what prompted the decision.

The Lee County Health Department is working with Keokuk Area Hospital and Fort Madison Community Hospital to complete an assessment of the most pressing health needs for local residents.

Lee County Board Tours Site

Sep 10, 2013

The Lee County Board of Supervisors got a first-hand look at the proposed site for the Lee County Health Department’s new home.

Proposed LCHD Building Progressing

Aug 20, 2013

Plans to relocate the Lee County Health Department to a new building are moving forward.

Lee County to Declare Project Dead

May 30, 2013

Lee County wants to make it known that a proposed construction project will not proceed.

Proposed Lee County Building Progressing

May 23, 2013

The Lee County Board of Supervisors seems to be more committed to moving a county department.

Lee County Health Department

Apr 26, 2013

Jason Parrott’s guests on Emphasis this week are Christine Van Berkum, Rachael Patterson-Rahn, and Melissa Calvillo.  They discuss some of the programs currently offered by the Lee County Health Department.

Lee County Health Dept Seeks New Building

Apr 24, 2013

A plan to house two Lee County departments in one building appears to be moving in a new direction.

Building Fundraising Continues

Nov 27, 2012

Two Lee County departments have a ways to go to reach an important fundraising goal.

Lee County Supports Project

Aug 28, 2012

The Lee County Board of Supervisors hopes a simple gesture will kick-off a successful fundraising campaign for two county departments.

The Health and Conservation Departments would like to build a shared facility along Highway 61 near the current Conservation Office.

The building could cost more than $4-million, which is much more than the county can afford at this point.

Supporters say people, businesses and organizations have not been willing to donate money without knowing whether the county would support the project.

Lee County to go Paperless

Aug 24, 2012

The Lee County Board of Supervisors is ready to become the latest governmental board to conduct paperless meetings.

County Auditor Anne Pedersen brought up the idea of paperless meetings during the board's most recent workshop.

The board meets at least 4 times each month.  Pedersen says it takes a lot of time, paper, and ink to print documents for each of the five supervisors for each meeting.

The supervisors supported Pedersen’s recommendation to purchase electronic readers.

Lee County Hospice Seeks Volunteers

Mar 12, 2012

End-of-life decisions can be the most difficult someone will make.

The need for hospice care and the people who provide it continues to increase, thanks to the “Baby Boomer” generation.

Jeri Welch with the Lee County Health Department describes hospice as comfort care provided at the end of someone’s life.

She says the service can be provided in the home, a nursing home, or a hospital.

Welch says eligibility is based on a doctor declaring a patient has six-months-or-less to live and the patient choosing to allow nature to take its course.