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Monica Corsaro

The Rhythm of Life

Apr 17, 2019
Photo by Rich Egger

This week in the religious world we have holidays and Holy days -- not just in one world religion but two.  It is Holy week leading up to Easter for Christians, and this Friday begins Passover for those in the Jewish faith. So today I thought I would talk about jazz -- the sacredness of jazz, the movement of jazz, and how jazz can be a conduit for the person of faith.  

Building Bridges by Learning from One Another

Feb 20, 2019

I love learning!  Yes I know what you are all saying; "Monica you better love learning, after all you are in Higher Education!"  Yes yes, yes, yes, of course. But what I mean is, I love learning outside of the classroom and the library.  It is actually one of my Spiritual disciplines,   I am always trying to learn something I did not know before.  In the past it has been inline skating, soccer, cycling, zumba…you get my drift.  Right now my passion is:  Pickleball!  I love this sport!   I was introduced to it in December and I cannot get enough of it.  What is pickleball? Have I sparked your curiosity?  

Try to be the Light for a Hurting World

Jan 30, 2019

"Would you light my candle?"  These are the words Mimi asks Roger in their opening song in the musical Rent.   Yes, I watched it this last Sunday -- that is for a different essay. Mimi and Roger have both fallen behind in their rent, and their power has been turned off.  Mimi is using a candle for both heat and light in the cold, dark apartment. But her candle goes out and so she asks Roger to relight it.  And for the audience, since we experience the dark, stark apartment, the emanating light draws us all in to this intimate moment.  Roger and Mimi find themselves living in darkness: the darkness of being diagnosed with HIV in the late eighties, the darkness of addiction (Mimi is currently addicted to drugs), and the darkness of mourning loss (Roger has lost his girlfriend to AIDS -- and who else will he lose?).  But a candle on a cold night in December gives Mimi the courage to engage with Roger and even flirt with him a little.

Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, & Me

Oct 18, 2018

The Supreme Court hearings, the news reports about climate change, the latest Supreme Court decision denying rights of our own Indigenous peoples, Kanye West has a meeting in the Oval office, what?  Hearing that was not an abuse of power?  The Dow Jones plummeting.  And let us not even start with what is going on in the twitter-sphere.   These last long weeks we were inundated with words and stories about bad behavior, even painful behavior, everywhere we turn.  I find myself asking folks in our community, "How are you doing? Are you being gentle with yourself?  What are you doing to take care of you?"

Religion & Public Policy in the Land of Liberty

Jul 2, 2018

This week we celebrate the founding of our sweet land of liberty, and in thinking about this experiment that was supposed to fail, I more-than-ever appreciate that which we are.  A country not based on Christian liberty, but a country based on religious freedom, where all can practice openly and one religion does not get to be the official "American religion."