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Rich Egger

The National Weather Service said north winds and bitter cold temperatures will result in wind chills as low as 15 below to 25 below zero this morning.  A dusting of additional snow is possible.

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The National Weather Service issued a Winter Weather Advisory for all of southeast Iowa; Clark and Scotland counties in northeast Missouri; and McDonough, Knox, Warren, Hancock, and Henderson counties in western Illinois until noon on Friday, February 5.

Rich Egger

The winter storm that blew through the tri states Sunday night and Monday morning dumped varying amounts of snow on the region.  Some places got as much as 14 inches of snow while others received six inches.  High winds created even deeper snow drifts.

Rich Egger

On wintery school days when it is extremely cold and/or snow is accumulating, school superintendents must decide whether to hold classes or tell children to stay home.  Tri States Public Radio talked to the superintendents from the West Prairie, Keokuk, and Macomb school districts to find out what factors into their decisions.

Travel Still Dangerous

Jan 6, 2014
Rich Egger

The snowstorm that dumped several inches on Illinois has moved out of the state.  But high winds and extremely cold temperatures are causing conditions to remain dangerous.