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Rich Egger

Weather Related delays and closures for Wednesday, February 20.

It was colder overnight, in fact, colder than ever recorded in the Quad Cities. The National Weather Service in Davenport says the low temperature at the Quad City Airport was minus -33 degrees. 

Illinois officials are issuing dire warnings ahead of the arctic cold blowing into the state Tuesday night.

Weather Related Closures and Delays

Jan 29, 2019

Weather Releated delays and closures for Wednesday, February 6 due to icy road conditions.

Dangerously Cold Weather for the Tri States

Jan 28, 2019
Rich Egger

The National Weather Service (NWS) reports dangerous and life-threatening wind chills will persist from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday morning.  A Wind Chill Watch will be in effect for the Tri States Public Radio listening region during that period.

Rich Egger

On wintery school days when it is extremely cold and/or snow is accumulating, school superintendents must decide whether to hold classes or tell children to stay home.  Tri States Public Radio talked to the superintendents from the West Prairie, Keokuk, and Macomb school districts to find out what factors into their decisions.

Rich Egger

After a brief break, cold temperatures have returned to the region. While that might mean you have to turn up the thermostat at home and bundle up before heading outside, a horticulture educator with the University of Illinois Extension said there is a silver lining to the extreme cold.

Mild Winter Saves Cities Money

Jan 26, 2016
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More rain than snow means cities have not dipped too far into their road salt supplies or paid as many overtime hours for workers to run early morning snow plows.

Power Out in West Central Illinois Following Monday's Winter Storm

Dec 29, 2015
Screen capture from Ameren Illinois' website

UPDATE: Ameren Illinois has restored power to many customers in west central Illinois as of 8 a.m. Wednesday. Still about 1,000 residents of Knox County and 500 people in Warren County still do not have power.


To hold classes or not hold classes.  That is the difficult decision school districts around the region have faced numerous times already this year due to the bitterly cold and snowy conditions.

Winter Storm Stalls Amtrak Trains

Jan 7, 2014
Rich Egger

During winter weather, it’s common for flights to be canceled and roads to be closed.  Usually the trains still run without incident. 

It’s been frigid since an arctic cold front surged through the region over the weekend. But we won’t remain in the deep freeze for long.

Travel Still Dangerous

Jan 6, 2014
Rich Egger

The snowstorm that dumped several inches on Illinois has moved out of the state.  But high winds and extremely cold temperatures are causing conditions to remain dangerous.