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SCC Board Confident In President


The Southeastern Community College Board of Trustees has released a statement in response to the SCC Higher Education Association's vote of no confidence in President Beverly Simone.

In the statement, the trustees say they remain confident in Dr. Simone and her commitment to the academic, personal, and professional success of SCC's students.

The statement resulted from a personnel evaluation, by the board, of Simone that included a nearly two-hour closed-door meeting Monday evening.

Chris Sedlack is President of the SCC Higher Education Association.

"I am happy to see that the board conducted a thorough investigation of our concerns," says Sedlack, "I hope that Dr. Simone is as committed to improvement as the board believes that she is."

Sedlack says part of the reason for the no confidence vote by faculty and staff, several months ago, is Simone's leadership and communication with employees.

The three-paragraph statement by the Board seems to address that.

It says the trustees feel Dr. Simone will make the incremental changes necessary to be a more effective leader.

Board Chairman Brian Roth says that is important.

"We appreciate the points they brought up," says Roth, "and we have asked Dr. Simone to work on those little parts of her personality or persona, if you want to say that."

Roth hopes this statement gets everyone back on the same page.

"I hope we can just get back to doing the good things that we are supposed to be doing for the communities that we service," says Roth, "and most importantly for our student success."

The Board of Trustees says it will continue to monitor the situation adding that it will conduct an evaluation in June.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.