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SCC Faculty Seek Presidential Evaluation

SCC Board of Trustees

The organization representing Southeastern Community College’s faculty says it is worried that President Beverly Simone is jeopardizing the college’s accreditation.

The SCC Higher Education Association has sent a letter to the college’s Board of Trustees outlining its latest concerns and some possible solutions.

The SCC HEA expressed no confidence in Dr. Simone last year.

The college’s Board of Trustees said, after several months, that it remains confident in her and her commitment to the college.

The panel did agree to conduct an evaluation of Simone this summer.

President Chris Sedlack says the HEA believes that should occur as soon as possible.

“If they are going to try to evaluate whether Dr. Simone is changing,” says Sedlack, “we have recommended that they probably want to establish a baseline, now, and then when they do the evaluation in June, they can see if things have improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse.”

Sedlack says it was important for the HEA to put its concerns on paper for the SCC Board of Trustees.

Some of the specifics mentioned in the letter center on honesty, respect, empowerment, personal accountability, the number of nursing instructors, and use of the Academic Quality Improvement Program.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.