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Bushnell Makes Settlement Offer to ICC

House explosion in Bushnell

Bushnell is willing to pay $40,000 to settle a case with the Illinois Commerce Commission over a gas leak that led to a house explosion at 519 N. Washington in November 2009.

The ICC investigation determined a  contractor damaged a gas line and a sewer line. That allowed natural gas to flow into the sewer and into the house. The resident reported the odor to the city. The natural gas ignited. No one was injured.

The ICC alleges the city did not respond properly. The commission cited the city for nine violations.

Mayor Steve Russell said the city has been working on a settlement with the ICC for about a year. He said the city council approved a measure to pay the fine but the city would not admit to the violations.

He said, “Our understanding from the lawyer that we have in Springfield (is) that they have accepted that agreement.”

ICC spokesperson Beth Bosch said the commission has not yet approved the settlement. She said staff attorneys are preparing information on the case for the commission.