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Bushnell Responds to Employees Complaints


Bushnell city employees are saying the city did not tell them how much this year's health insurance coverage would cost them.

This year's plan provides a $500 deductible. The city pays 80% of the next $7,000 is costs. Employees can pay up to $1,900 in health care. That's about $400 more than under the current plan.
Mayor Steve Russell said the city is asking employees to submit their questions-and complaints-to city hall in writing. The deadline is February 29th.    

He said, “Some employees have questions, good questions, and so that's why we set up a
committee meeting and to give the employees a chance to submit their questions.”

The personnel and finance committee will meet next Wednesday at 4 p.m. at city hall to address the complaints.

Alderman Dave Norton said the plan change was an attempt to save the city and the employees money. He said the city switched from and HMO to a PPO through Health Alliance. He said the potential savings to the city are $117,000. Norton also said the switch allows employees to choose among doctors who accept the plan.

The city won't have much time to make decisions about the coverage. The agreement runs through April 30th.