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Board and Agency Disagree on Recycling Cost

Hancock County
TSPR'S Rich Egger
Hancock County

The Hancock County Board and the Western Illinois Regional Council have come up with different numbers for the cost of recycling collection in the county.

The board found a bill for $4,000 a surprise. It budgeted $3,500 for the service.

The board briefly considered just paying the money it budgeted. Ultimately, the board tabled the bill until the finance committee has a chance to contact the WIRC.

Chairman David Walker thought the bill might have gone up.

He said, “They feel the only chance they have to recoup their costs is to have counties and cities and other entities pay a little more. So I don't know where it's going to go for sure.”

Suzan Nash, executive director of the WIRC, said the county's bill has not increased. She said the agency tries to spread the cost among contributors. Her goal is to resolve the misunderstanding soon.

While the county's bill has not increased, Nash confirmed the county health department will pay $200 less this year. Carthage will pay $200 more this year. She said the change reflects the larger amount of recycling the city collects.