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McDonough County Takes Tentative Steps Toward Website

McDonough County won't have a web site right away. However, the board's Human Resources and Planning Committee is laying the groundwork for the project.

Chair Linda Jani said the current budget does not have any money for the project. She said the committee is looking at a number of issues and sees the website as a long-term goal.

She said, “We're trying to get some information together because then if we do get a website  there are legal requirements for what has to be on there.”

Jani and other committee members have been visiting the websites of other counties to see what features they like and what they don't like.

The committee is hoping to find answers to a number of questions such as whether the county should keep its current e-mail system or switch to a new one that would use the site's domain name.

Member Lee Trotter has been corresponding with other to counties to see if they maintain their own websites or rely on an outside firm.

Jani would like to see parts of  the county's comprehensive plan go on the website. She feels it would make the plan more accessible and offers a teaching tool on county history.