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Carthage is Planning a Big Birthday Bash

CDC Director Bob Livingston

Carthage will celebrate its 175th birthday in conjunction with the annual Fourth of July celebration. The celebration will last the entire week.

Community Development Director Bob Livingston said the community has enthusiastically embraced the celebration. Dozens of volunteer committees are shaping the event. The committees are looking to the past to find a symbol for the celebration.

He said, “We've had such things as plates show up from the 125th and the 150th (celebrations). And there's also some other mementos. And we can't duplicate those things but we can use them as a guide.”

He said the hard work is getting underway as a budget and fund-raising plans are being made.

Livingston said the city will cooperate with Warsaw. The city will celebrate its 200th birthday at the end of June.

He said, “Since their celebration is the weekend before the Fourth, we can send some floats up there and they will have some reciprocity involved and send us some floats so that each parade will be bigger and better.”