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World Book Night Comes to Macomb

Devotees of the written word will share their passion and free books April 23rd. It's the first World Book Night in the United States.

Macomb is one of 5,000 U.S. communities chosen to take part. The city's public library and New Copperfield's Book Store were selected as distributors. World Book Night is sponsored by a consortium of book publishers and authors who donate the books.

Linda Cox of New Copperfield's said “book givers” each have 20 books to give away.

She said, “They are going to put their little World Book Night pins on and they are going to go out and distribute books. And they are going to places where people are not known for being readers or being very light readers.”

Cox said each “book giver” had to write an essay to qualify.

Some of the books from Macomb will find their way to special programs at Keokuk High School and Burlington High School. The books will be distributed from 7 to 9 p.m. 
The books have not been gathering dust in musty warehouses. All of the books are best-sellers. Each will have a special commemorative World Book Night cover.

World Book Night is also celebrated in Europe.