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Schock Says Provision Prevents Medicaid Reform

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-18, IL) at Macomb High School

Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock (R-18) says a provision of the Affordable Care Act prevents Illinois from enacting serious Medicaid reform. That provision prevents states from reducing benefits or tightening requirements to qualify for Medicaid.

The House has passed a measure to repeal that provision.

Schock says, “They (federal government) have Illinois trapped right now in a situation where they can't reduce their budget deficit, reduce their spending.”

Last year, state lawmakers passed and Governor Pat Quinn signed into law a measure to require greater proof of residency and lower the income limit for benefits. The law has not been implemented.

The House has also passed reauthorization of the Expert-Import Bank. It assists U.S. companies by providing credit for exports. The Peoria Republican says the bank is not “corporate welfare.”

He says,”It's really about making sure U.S.-based companies can compete with multinational companies. It's a tool that we have to allow these companies to have.”

Schock also says a new highway bill would be good for the economy. He likes the provision in the House bill that would provide new revenue streams from offshore drilling licenses for oil and natural gas.

He addressed a student assembly at Macomb High School.