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Bushnell Lands New Dentist


Bushnell will soon have a new dental practice to fill the office that has been vacant since the retirement of the city's only dentist, Dr. David Jameson.

Dr. Paige McCord came from Arizona. She expects to open her practice in mid-June.

The city initiated an active recruiting effort in March.  McCord says she heard about the opportunity at a high school reunion.

She will open a general dentistry practice and offer cosmetic dentistry. She has practiced for seven years.

McCord hopes many of Jameson's former patients will become part of her practice.

She says, “I think those people are still available and I think the people that don't really want to commute to whatever surrounding town they chose will come back.”

She plans to contact most of them by mail. McCord also says people have dropped in at the office to look at the changes.

The city offered a number of incentives including a loan from the revolving fund of up to $75,000 for the purchase of the office and new equipment.