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Sewer System Might Lead to High Speed Internet


Carthage's route to high-speed Internet service might run underground. The city has been approached by multi-national company  I3 America. It says patented technology allows it to place fiber-optic cable in sewer lines.

The city and the company have agreed on a study by the company to be completed September 12th. Second-ward Alderman Gary Smith says the company has taken an initial look at the city's sewer system.

He says, “They're very interested. I think that they'll progress-that things will progress.”

He says the company's goal is to run fiber-optic cable to each home and business in the city.

I3 would not charge the city for the service. It is partnering with Adams Telephone Cooperative, which would provide Internet content and pay I3 to deliver it.   

Smith says the city will also receive a free “gift” from the company. It will record video of the entire length of the city's sewer lines as part of the study. The company has agreed to give the city the video at no charge. The city pays about $5,000 each year to record video of small sections of its sewers.