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Eric Hanson to Take New Position


Monmouth's city administrator says he has put down deep roots over the last decade. That made the decision to move on a very difficult one.

Eric Hanson's last day on the job will be October 12th. He will become the new city manager of Indianola, Iowa the following week.

Hanson attended Monmouth College and served five years in his current position. His wife was born and raised in Monmouth.

Hanson feels the chance to advance professionally is too good to pass up.  Indianola has roughly triple the budget of Monmouth. It also has its own municipal utility.

He says, “That's something I haven't dealt with before.  But I'm excited for that opportunity.”

Hanson considers the construction of a new police station and moving the fire department to new quarters two of the city's biggest accomplishments on his watch.

Hanson says just prior to his taking the position, plans for a combined home for the two departments came to nothing. The issue became very contentious.

He says, “(I) worked with council over a period of six or eight months, with the chiefs and staff. And we were able to get new facilities-one police station, one fire station-for $2.5 million.  So it was a little less than half what the one building was projected to cost.”

He says his proudest contribution has been putting together the city staff and increasing the communication between departments.
Hanson says he is leaving the city's operation in their capable hands.