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Hamilton Accepts Clean-Up Bid

The site of a deadly fire in downtown Hamilton is finally being cleaned up.

Police Chief Robb Bell says Hustler Hauling out of Hamilton started cleaning up what remains of the two story building at 940 Broadway Thursday morning.

The building was one of two destroyed by a fire last January that killed a young child.

The city council accepted Hustler Hauling’s bid of about $12,400 pending the review of the health and safety committee.

The other four bids received by the city were nearly twice as high, in part, because Hustler Hauling planned to use remaining bricks and concrete as fill instead of hauling it away.

Bell says the committee signed off on the bid, Wednesday night, with one change.

The city wants the company must haul the bricks and concrete away.

Bell says Hustler Hauling will basically remove the debris from the site so an engineering firm can come in and decide how to proceed.  At issue is a neighboring building that remains standing.

Bell says the bid will remain at about $12,400, even though it will cost the company more to haul the materials off-site.

He says the property should be cleared within one month.

Hamilton is in the process of placing a lien on 940 Broadway.  That would allow the city to be able to re-coop some of the costs if the out-of-state owner tries to sell the land.

Meanwhile, the clean-up of the other building that was destroyed during the fire, 944 Broadway, is nearly complete.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.