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Around The Region

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A quick look at news from around the tri-state region.


The Fort Madison City Council is the latest government body in southeast Iowa to go paperless.

The panel has agreed to purchase 15-20 iPads for its members and city department heads.

City Manager Byron Smith says the total cost should be less than $8,000.


The debris from a fire in downtown Hamilton, last January, that killed a young child has finally been removed.

Crews completed the work in the 900 block of Broadway last week.

Police Chief Robb Bell says grass will be planted at the site.

He says the city is still working to place a lien on the property to recover the more than $12,000 Hamilton spent on clean-up.


Hiring a new police chief in Montrose could require some outside assistance.

Mayor Bobby Reid says the process has been hampered by money as it is difficult for a small town to offer the salary and benefits needed to recruit a candidate.

He says Montrose is open to the idea of sharing the costs with a similar-sized town, which was suggested by state law enforcement officers.

The town has added a couple of reserve officers to help with law enforcement, which is currently being overseen by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.


Lee County is working to confirm the number of properties that could be included in a proposed sewer system for the Mooar/Powdertown area, which is located just north of Keokuk.

A public meeting is set for Thursday afternoon at Jackson Township Fire Station.

Gary Folluo says that while most residents support the plan, if the costs are reasonable, others are not willing to participate.

He says that does not matter, though, as all properties will be included in the engineering study.

Jason Parrott is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.