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After Theft Macomb Police Say: Lock Your Doors

Rich Egger

The Macomb Police Department said there has been a rise in thefts in the past few months. It's recommending residents take precautions after another theft was reported over weekend.

A woman living in the 400 block of West Adams reported her iPhone and laptop were stolen sometime early Sunday morning.

She told police she woke around 4:00 am and checked on her phone and computer and went back to bed. She said she awoke briefly when she heard people, she assumed her roommate and  a friend, walking around the apartment.

When she woke up again at around 8:00 am, her phone and laptop were gone, along with her roommate’s iPhone and laptop.

Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt said the thefts have concentrated mostly on electronics that are valuable and easy to conceal, like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Lenardt strongly recommends people lock their doors even when they’re home and to write down the serial numbers of their valuables.

He said that way if they are stolen, the information can be put in a statewide database, so Macomb police will be notified if they are recovered elsewhere.

Lenardt said several arrests were made this summer but the risk for thefts continues. He added the student move-in provides an opportunity for thieves, allowing them to identify which homes have valuable items and then return at a later date to steal them.

Scott Stuntz is a former reporter at Tri States Public Radio.